Side by side comparison

One milestone, same brief, two agencies, wildly different approaches 

Godolphin is the world’s larges horse racing operation based in Newmarket England.
In August 2018 they were approaching a record milestone – 5,000 group wins – and wanted to celebrate that appropriately with a hype video.
The brief was as simple as it gets: here’s the background info, we don’t know when or which horse is going to achieve this, we want to mention the first group win and the 5,000th;

First, Engage was asked to produce this video and, as I understand it, was taking too long to deliver it – the 5,000th win was fast approaching.
The client asked for an early proof to check the project was on track and up to their expectations. This is what they created up until that point:

At that point the client pulled the plug. They didn’t like what they saw, the approach or the execution.
At the last minute, just days before the 5,000th win was expected to happen, they came to us to salvage the project.

Our concept was simple and combined the time with the geographical element of the narrative.
We arrange a short video shoot at the client’s office in Newmarket were we had access to various trophies that matched or resembled the wins we were going to feature. Here is the result: