I am a Nominet member and registrar through my company – – and all domains registered under my Tag are subject to these terms and conditions.

Since 2021 I have been elected on the UK Registry Advisory Council (UKRAC) to represent the Secondary Market/Self-Managed membership segment of Nominet.

I am genuinely proud to have been a part of the change of course at Nominet over the last couple of years, shifting focus back on the core registry and public benefit, starting with the EGM and continuing through the UKRAC. It’s probably been slower than most of us would’ve liked, but similar to a big ocean liner, changing course needs to be done with caution and it requires sustained rudder force to steer it. That’s where the membership comes in: to exert pressure and scrutiny, and hold Nominet to account through things like the UKRAC. 

All members want what’s best for Nominet and the UK namespace, and that starts with better representation, improved governance, and strong input in key decisions and the long-term strategy of the company.